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A Modern Modest Proposal

A 21st century American take on the 1729 writing of Dr. Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”

 A painting of Jonathan Swift (1.)

            The following essay is satirical:  The original Jonathan Swift essay “A Modest Proposal” has been made public by the Gutenberg online library and can be found at http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1080.  This essay was intended to show the reader that people are more than just a line on a balance sheet and that sometimes the most profitable solution is not the best.

Pictures if the poor (2,) the elderly (3,) the student (4,) and the worker (5) in America.

            The problems we as a nation face are not unique in the chronicles of history.  For far too long have those at the bottom dragged down society making our once great society a sad shell of its former self.  When looking around in society one can plainly see the woes of the poor, the elderly, the student, the average worker.  We look on these creatures with great empathy and remorse feeling that they are truly one of god’s most helpless creatures.  Poverty is running rampant across our great nation and it seems like an almost futile enterprise trying to stem its growth.  But are all these issues to be blamed on the current system which is in place or the people who feel they are victim to it?  These topics will not be easy for some to address but I feel they should confronted now rather than letting them fall by the wayside.

 Poverty is alive in well unfortunately still in America (6.) 

In Regards to the Poor…

The poor cannot find work for several reasons; one of these reasons is that the labour markets are hurting in various sectors but the major reason is the result of these peoples own doing.  Poor labour markets are out there, but America is the land of opportunity, the land where anyone can work if they CHOOSE to.  Responsibility must be taken by these creatures if they wish to become members of our great society once again.  Under employment is an illusion and should be washed from the nations psyche if we wish to move forward.  Great employers in the retail and fast food industry will gladly hire these people if they would merely apply.  The minimum wage salaries offered by these corporations is more than a fair wage for any being in this line of work.  If by chance these unfortunate beings cannot afford to support themselves and their families on a minimum wage salary than they must make the necessary changes to their lifestyle to do so.  Government cannot be burdened with their problems and short comings; the government must remain focused on helping those who truly need its help, our financial sector, oil companies and corporations.  Unless these “poor” people make an attempt to do something with their lives our society will continue to falter on the way of progress.

The fountain of youth can now be found in pill form (7.)

In Regards to the Elderly…

The elderly say they cannot afford the amenities they wish to possess like health care or medications which is sad but if they would have planned for such things in their working years they would not be suffering from these maladies now.  RESPONSIBILITY for ones future is the job of the individual, not the government.  The story of the ant and the grass hopper come to mind when people speak of the woes of the elderly in this great nation.  If we as a nation are to cave into the selfish demands of those who are advanced in years than we shall have nothing for our future generations and the current generation will be left paying for those who chose not to plan wisely.  The elderly are the least productive members of society and with that being taken into effect, their wants should be considered as so.  Where is the fairness in rewarding those who currently provide nothing and ask for the biggest share?  Their lack of planning should not be rewarded but rather paraded in the streets to give an example to the current procrastinators who one day (assuming they live long enough) will take their place.  The proper action is not always easy, but seldom are they in life.

Poverty, unlike drinking has no minimum age requirement (8.)

In Regards to the Student…

            Students who are primarily the young are one of the biggest DRAINS on society.  Until a person reaches their teenage years they are a constant burden.  Need of food, clothing, and shelter without any positive contribution is a larger travesty than the elderly issue; the elderly have at least been productive members of society at one time.  Not only do children not provide any practical use but they ask for more than merely enough to survive, they wish to have free education as well.  Nothing including freedom in this great nation is free and that is why a drastic rethinking is needed in regards to education.  Why should workers who are not children or have no children bear the responsibility of children and those who have them?  The problem also does not end when a child reaches adulthood; if a child goes to college that cannot afford it he continues to drain the nation even more.  For far too long we have put education for all ages on a throne and it is now time that we analyze this view.  A solution to this endless drain on our coffers must be addressed if solvency is to be attained!  

A picture is worth a 1,000 words (9.)

In Regards to the Worker…

            The American worker is grossly INEFFICIENT as compared to workers around the world and is also over compensated and underworked.  Around the world workers are willing to work for a fraction of the pay American workers are; if we cannot bring the foreign world up to our standards than we must lower ours to be competitive once again.  Laws put in place in our recent history have kept the American worker uncompetitive with his foreign foes.  Abolition of some of these laws may be the only way to restore a manufacturing base in this nation, tariffs on imported goods is no solution to this problem; we must attack the source of the problem which is the American worker.       
Just think... If we really try we could have this (10?)
My Humble Solution…

Here lies the issue with all great problems; once the source of waste or maleficence has been identified how do we correct the problem?  I have my beliefs on possible solutions but I feel that those who hold elected office should be the ones to decide on this, not myself or any other American voter or tax payer.  My solutions will involve drastic and in some cases painful decisions but I want everyone to realize that we are doing this for the future and we can no longer afford to put these choices off.

            My solution to the “poor” is as followed.  American’s who are poor are poor by choice; if one cannot find a job he must deal with that on his own.  No government assistance should be provided and if one chooses to remain in unemployment than the government should by all means put him to work doing hard labour for no pay; the government in this case will provide these creatures with the adequate living essentials (A cot in a barracks, surplus food, and an hour of electricity seems adequate in my view.)  Once this person is no longer useful for such tasks or if he refuses to do so his organs and tissue may be harvested and sold to those who work and take care of themselves or they may be sold to science so they can be used for experimentation.  The work these creatures provide and their disposal will be more than enough to pay for their keep and in some cases may result in a profit for the government.

            The issue of the elderly is tougher to solve considering they offer very little to society in their current state.  A solution could be found though where they can be profitable again.  This solution is only for the elderly who do not draw a pension of some kind or who have received more in Social Security and Medicaid benefits than they paid in; those who do not meet these qualifications are free to live how they wish until they fall below the stated requirement.  The living conditions will be the same as with the poor and the disposal of should be the same as well.  Wasteful spending in health care will in no way be tolerated for any of these people while they are in the camps since they will never be able to work long enough to pay for it.  They will perform the same tasks as the poor but the elderly will have to perform the tasks that are higher in risk and have a higher chance of exposure to toxins.  The reason behind this is since they have such little time left on this planet their long term safety or health is of no concern.  It is also more profitable to expose them to these conditions as opposed to the poor because the poor may live for several years or even decades longer than the elderly under these conditions turning a massive profit for the government.     

            Free kindergarten through high school education should no longer be free under this system.  We can operate these schools under the same premise as we do our universities.  If a child or said child’s family wishes of it to receive an education they will have to pay for it directly; a loan system may be installed to give those without means the opportunity to attend school but if a default occurs then the child will be forced to live in the work camp under the same conditions of as the poor and the remains will be handled likewise.  If the child is too young to work at the time of default then a parent must then take his place till either the debt has been paid or the child has reached the required age to be a laborer (approximately 12 years of age would be the average age, but this again is up to the members of our Congress.)

            Grants and most forms of financial aid should be eliminated from the college process; student loans will still be allowed to exist.  Again, if default occurs then that student will have to work in the labour camps until the debt has been absolved and if he becomes ill or should die his remains shall be handled like the others mentioned before.  Funding for state universities should be cut dramatically if not completely.  Students and teachers alike are given too many creature comforts like heating in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, and state of the art libraries and computers.  The comforts are not panned of course, places of learning are allowed to have such things but only if they can afford to do so with the tuition that is raised.  Education is not mandatory in this country so those who do not wish to adhere to these standards need not apply to any school in the first place.

            The American worker must be willing to be competitive with foreign labour whatever the cost.  If this means that the worker will have to relinquish some of his creature comforts like the minimum wage, the forty hour work week or OSHA standards then so be it.  For far too long have we let worker safety hold this country back and it is time that we put profitability above all else.  If workers are unwilling to adhere to these standards than again, the labour camps will be their fate and they will be handled the same as the poor and those who have defaulted on an education.

        Although this plan may seem cold at first we will solve the financial issues the government it currently facing and cut the national deficit dramatically.  No longer will government monies be wasted on those who refuse to help themselves; government will then be able to focus on attracting businesses through tax incentives and the art of war.  One may view this proposal as a harsh and unforgiving world but I see it as a world in which deficits are a thing of the past and the future will be free of debt and those who wish to attack the government economically through their lack of ambition.

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